My colon is a wonderland, Part II

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Okay, as it turns out, “prepping” for a colonoscopy is a thousand times worse than the actual procedure. Wait. Let me rephrase that. Thanks to my close, personal friend propofol, “prepping” for a colonoscopy is a thousand times worse than anything I can remember about the actual procedure. I was completely out, as this charming […]

My colon is a wonderland, Part I

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So tomorrow I’m going in for my very first colonoscopy. (It’s a thing when you get to this age.) That means today has been spent “prepping.” Now, for the medically uninformed, “prepping” is the process of steel-wool scouring your digestive tract so that it’s shiny clean for inspection. I absolutely do not blame the medical […]

Divorced Dad’s Dream

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Without question, the biggest downside to divorce from the male perspective – no matter what your relationship is/was with your ex – is the loss of connection with your kids. I don’t care how cooperative and collaborative your relationship is with your “co-parent”, the fundamental nature of your interaction with your children is going to […]

Eff you, Al Gore.

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There was a time when I was a kid with purpose and potential. I was useful and valuable – to the point where people would actually seek me out for the wisdom of my counsel. Then Al Gore had to go and invent the Internet. Asshole. I was a trivia savant. A once-in-a-generation font of […]

Scenes from another ADDY night

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The American Advertising Federation – Central Minnesota held their annual ADDY Awards show last night. Always a good time. This year, however, I got completely skunked. I didn’t win anything at all. (I chair the Judging Committee, so I knew this in advance and was emotionally prepared for it.) Creative Memories overall had another great […]

Re-enter the Dragon

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I guess karate’s a little like riding a bike. A great big, spin-hook-kicking, bo-staff-wielding, knock-you-on-your-ass bike. Claudia went back to it this week and she’s totally re-energized about it. And, in this context, National Karate’s billing program is brilliant. In the fall of 2008, Claudia marched herself up to the National Karate table during Pine […]

It’s “somewhere else”

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Erin’s switching schools in the fall. This is partly due to her assessment that MSU-Mankato has a better Mass Media program than St. Cloud State (debatable) and possibly partly due to her desire to just get out of St. Cloud (not debatable). After two years at St. Cloud State, she’s ready to try something different. […]

Things to write about when you’re just a little too buzzed to formulate a coherent blog post

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Had a couple of beers tonight. So here are a few thoughts for the evening: • When given the choice between “high school job” and “potentially life-defining moment”, always choose the life-defining moment. (Rush rules.) • How much is too much ZZ Top? • Kindergarten is overrated. (Although I DO think they’ve got that nap-time […]

Don’t you even START believin’

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SCENE: The Sartell High Winter Wonderland Dance at the regal Blackberry Ridge Golf Club. Our heroine is Molly, a doe-eyed freshman with a heart of gold and a special dream. She and her freshman friends are freshly scrubbed and itching with anticipation for their fanciest high school dance yet. It was a night filled with […]

Why my wife is awesome

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In my real job, I have the good fortune to work with a great little group of writers and editors. One problem, however, is that most of them work remotely. So I rarely get a chance to talk with them as a group and make sure everybody’s on the same page. And as any writer […]