Photo busted

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So, happy hour tonight after work. (During work / after work … semantics.) And as we’re sitting there, this adorable little old couple comes in. And the old guy’s using a walker. You know, the kind with cut-up tennis balls on the legs? (Which would be totally the way to go, because that would be […]

Dude, Where’s My Car(d)?

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Okay, admittedly, I’m a little off my game. But this was really stupid. Erin flew back from her spring break trip to Florida this morning and she’d asked me to come pick her up at the airport. Not a big deal at all. The day was clear, the roads were good, her flight was at […]

Velieris Quod Peto

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Yea, new Pope! Having been raised Roman Catholic and spent most of my life Catholic, there’s a lot I love about the Church. I love the tradition. I love the ritualism. So I had a dream last night and I want to just toss it out there to Francis I, cuz I think it’d be […]

Drug interaction advice?

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So if i take a probiotic and an antibiotic at the same time, am I going to tear a hole in the fabric of our universe? Is this, like, crossing-the-streams bad? Am I mixing a matter and anti-matter cocktail here? Just to be safe, I’m going to throw down a couple Tylenol too. That should […]

I hate you people, but thanks!

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So this is how it is, huh? I’ve posted nearly 200 times on this blog. I’ve tried shooting from the hip. I’ve tried writing from the heart. I’ve invested a ton of time here. Hell, I’ve frequently shamed and embarrassed myself here. And when all’s said and done, the post that’s drawn the most hits […]

I’ll bet Thomas Paine had a bladder the size of the Liberty Bell

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Yesterday we were privileged to bear witness to an iconic case study in the American experience. And somewhere, the Founding Fathers smiled. As a libertarian conservative, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is most definitely pro states’ rights. But yesterday he demonstrated a complete disregard for his prostate’s rights. (As a 50-year-old exocrine gland, it has […]

Bueller? Bueller?

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Greg called in sick to his blog today. He’s pretty much already in bed for the night and blowing off this post. So, in lieu of Greg’s usual wit, enjoy some photos straight out of his scrapbook album he made with some childhood photos. You’re welcome.

I’m lazy and this is awesome

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Lazy Friday night, trying to find a movie to watch with my wife. Want to watch one of the Best Picture nominees, but trying to find one that we haven’t seen that’s out on video… Haven’t really found and/or settled on anything yet, but in the meantime, please enjoy this adorable slice of awesomeness. My […]

A gentle nudge…

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Corinne saw this clip this morning on Today and had to show it to me. (The relevant part starts at right about 11:20.) And I thought it was interesting that my first reaction was, “Yeah, but deep down, she really wanted to jump.” Did she? How the hell would I know? But the thing is, […]

Off our (self) meds

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Corinne: I think I’m going to stop drinking during the week. Me: Bad idea. Not healthy. You’ll shrivel up and die. C: What? G: You’ll be dead before the weekend. C: I’m not talking about water. G: Neither am I. C: Are you implying I have a problem? G: Well I’m not implying the problem […]

There is no mercy in this dojo

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WARNING: This one includes graphic portrayals of merciless violence. So. Yeah. You’re gonna like this one. I’m tragically late getting around to posting this, but it’s totally worth the wait. Last fall, when Quinn went to Diamond Nationals – his biggest karate tournament of the year – he was awesome. And I was guilty of […]

Gold Beauty

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When Claudia was in elementary school (4th grade?) she “won” a goldfish in some kind of school fair. Congratulations, kid, but there’s no way you’re bringing that thing home. You won’t take care of it. Of course, it (he?) came home, and “Kevin” became a part of our household. That was at least 4 years […]