bike pub crawl

I love my friends

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Last night was our 83rd annual Bike Pub Crawl – you do the math. Enjoy this kick-ass video and come along for the ride. (Hey, faceless and anonymous blog reader, next year you should join us! The more the merrier.) So hop up in the saddle, crack open a beer, and let’s roll! (Mad props […]

She deserves better

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Today is Corinne’s 43rd birthday. It’s also her last day earning a salary for the foreseeable future. She deserves better. She deserves a better birthday. She deserves a better result after 13 years of bleeding CM blue (well, 12 years of bleeding CM blue and one year of bleeding A&Z “that’s not pink, it’s berry”). […]

Special guest post!

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Well, at least one of us is writing. Corinne just finished her first paper for her English class. (FYI, my wife is currently kicking the shit out of the Marketing program at the College of Saint Scholastica.) I love it. It’s honest, it’s introspective, it’s interesting. She’s not sure about letting me post it here, […]

On being Dad

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My dad had a brief-but-fairly brilliant career. As much as it’s possible to be a rock star or a rainmaker in human resources, that was my dad. He rose quickly up the ranks through an impressive series of promotions. As I understand it, he was considered something of an expert in developing programs. I know […]

Working the system

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My dad’s a “working the system” guy. Your brakes are squeaking?  “You call my friend, Dave!” Wondering where to go to get your llama neutered? “Hang on, let me tell you who you need to get in touch with.” Your furnace is making a funny noise and the kids are feeling lightheaded? “Pick up the […]

Cat video!

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I’m shamelessly whoring myself out for traffic here. And, as I understand it, cat videos are the way to bring it in. Hang on, I’ve gotta jack up my SEO. Cat video! Cat video! Cat video! There’s no dramatically hilarious ending here. And no cats were harmed in the filming of this video. But it […]

Dese Two Utes

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When I was 18 I spent a week without my drivers license. It wasn’t lost. I knew right where it was. It was just suspended. At the time, I blamed The Man. I’m older and wiser now. I blame Todd Agnew. If you don’t know Todd and you happen to be in the market for […]

Just a boy and his layered-over turtleneck…and his snake. Don’t forget the snake.

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In the process of helping me search through old photo albums for a bike photo for yesterday’s post, Corinne stumbled on this. It’s tough to know where to begin mocking this fantastically awkward cry for help. Mom’s perm? DAD’s perm? Christine’s dress that somehow springs from two disparate worlds – Holly Hobby and Princess Bride […]