Worth every penny

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That bright-yellow behemoth in the front of this photo is sort of a summer project of mine. I found it last fall at a house down the street, sitting forelornly at the end of a driveway with a hand-scrawled "free" sign hanging from the top tube. I gave it a thorough, cautious, up-close look and, […]

I like it dirty

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Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease. I hate the fact that it cut my father’s career so short. I hate the fact that, every day, it causes my dad pain and suffering. And, selfishly, I hate the way that it robbed me of so many footraces and wrestling matches with my dad as a kid. […]

Mud Run

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I would say that my father suffers with multiple sclerosis, but that would be inaccurate. Anyone who’s had to spend any time with my Dad would point out that it’s more likely that MS suffers with my father. But, whichever one’s been suffering more, they’ve been suffering together for thirty-some years. So Corinne and I […]

Half ironman? Done.

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70.3 miles is a long way. Most 70.3-mile car rides are enough to produce at least one round of "are we there yet?" The idea of a self-propelled 70.3 miles was enough to make me very nervous on Friday, very gratified today…and very tired on Saturday. I did it! I completed the first (non-annual) Skoog […]

Half-assed training

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NOTE: This one's not going to have anything too witty, clever, funny or emotional in it. It's just me blathering on again about triathlon stuff. So if you're curious about what goes through a less-than-average Joe's head as he contemplates a half ironman triathlon, read on. If you're looking for illuminating wisdom, read the Bible…or […]

My mom can beat up your mom

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My mom rocks. And Saturday she rocked her very first full triathlon. I’m just totally proud of her. Now, I’m not going to divulge her age here on my blog. But let’s put it this way: I’m just about 43. And I wasn’t any kind of teen pregnancy. She’s come to a few of my […]

I can see clearly now

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I’d like to begin by wishing a vigorous Happy Father’s Day to all dads, granddads, step-dads…even to the occasional well-meaning uncle, because Father’s Day is a day for sharing. So join me now as I share the answer to today’s $1 question. (What’s the $1 question? “Can I have a dollar?” Just kidding. That’s not […]