Mud Run

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I would say that my father suffers with multiple sclerosis, but that would be inaccurate. Anyone who’s had to spend any time with my Dad would point out that it’s more likely that MS suffers with my father. But, whichever one’s been suffering more, they’ve been suffering together for thirty-some years. So Corinne and I […]

One…and, two

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Got word today about a eight-year-old who shall remain here unnamed who was “crabby” after surgery for an undescended left testicle. (If ever there were an excuse for being crabby, I think I just named it. Women, don't start with the menstrual stuff. Usually I totally defer to you on that one. But this trumps […]

Medical update

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Remember last week when Corinne went to the doctor and got that sexy wrist brace? Yeah, that was hot. So a few days later she goes to a different doctor – this time to find out about a recurring clicking in her jaw. Jaw trouble. A little problem in the jawular region. He checks her […]

Plumb loco

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I really struggle deciding which I hate more — plumbing problems or electrical problems. Sure, the odds are better that you won't die in a fiery spark while fixing a pipe. But there's much less likelihood of getting yourself covered with shit in the fuse box. Plus, electrocution sounds like a nice, quick, bloodless way […]