Gina, stay home

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My good friend Gina is funny, charming, creative, and one of the most talented advertising professionals I've met in 20 years in the business. I don't give a shit. She needs to not travel with my wife. When the two of them leave town together, the moles of craziness start popping up all over my […]


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Divorce is awkward. (What the hell? He goes a month between posts and that's the best insight he can come back with?) I mean it though. The family stuff is painful. The financial stuff is infuriating. The legal stuff is emasculating. But it's the friend stuff I want to talk about. When I went through […]

It’s all about our sanity

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…and the ongoing questions that surround its alleged existance. Have you ever wondered what would be valuable enough to make you give up what few sparse scraps of calm normality still exist in your life? What would possibly make you throw yourself on the seppuku tanto of insanity? For us, evidently, it's the glimmering hope […]

Shameless bragging

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Warning: Seriously, there is nothing in this post BUT shameless bragging. It's not even funny or anything. Everybody should probably just go ahead and skip this one. Except you, Mom. You'll like this! The American Advertising Federation – Central Minnesota held their annual ADDY Awards show the other night. (Insert your own small-market, provincial punchline […]

Damn moral dilemmas

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  Nice-Guy-Neighbor Pete: Did you see what happened to your mailbox? Me: Um…You mean the fact that it was sitting on my front porch and a large percentage of the snow that should have been piled up in a nice little heap at the corner of my driveway was, instead, scattered haphazardly across the driveway? […]

Aim Higher

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ERIN: I'm 18 now, so you can't tell me what to do anymore. We're equals. GREG: Aim higher.   This past weekend lined up to be pretty quiet. Corinne was traveling for work and all the kids were off with their other parents. (Except Josie, but she was going to be fixated on her last […]

I am king of the castle

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"Greg, Shouko dragged home a dead deer." "Actually, Josh, that's just a deer hide." "Where did it come from?" "Someone's garage." "Whose?" "…I have no idea." My dog is a monumental, king-sized pain in the ass. But I choose to interpret her craziness as signs of her overwhelming respect for me. (Just like I would […]

Alright, already. I’m back

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Yes, I realize it's been well over a month since my last post. I'm taking part of that blame and laying it squarely at the feet of my own sloth. (Which would probably be more accurately phrased, "Raising it to the feet of my own sloth," since sloths hang upside down. Not that I actually […]

The night has a thousand eyes

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People in Los Angeles really like to look at themselves, right? A lot. Does that sound terrible? That’s just a stereotype, isn’t it? Or is it? The cameras I knew about. Between the tourists, the reality shows, TMZ, and the news choppers hovering over high-speed chases, I think every movement within a 100-mile circle of […]

I don’t do angry well

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(Corinne and I talking about…stuff, and watching TV) Corinne: Does that make you mad? Me: I dunno. Corinne: You don't look mad. Me: Nope. I s'pose not. Corinne: Could you get that mad? Me: I dunno. Corinne: Show me. Let me see your mad face. Me: Um…okay. Here goes. Corinne: No. That's not it. Show […]