I can see clearly now

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I’d like to begin by wishing a vigorous Happy Father’s Day to all dads, granddads, step-dads…even to the occasional well-meaning uncle, because Father’s Day is a day for sharing. So join me now as I share the answer to today’s $1 question. (What’s the $1 question? “Can I have a dollar?” Just kidding. That’s not […]

Redemption comes in small doses

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My friend Leah's a Kubel hater. So for years, as the Minnesota Twins organization has continued to force feed us the hype about Jason Kubel's potential, Leah doubts. In 2004, Kubel was a September call-up as the Twins made their run to the American League's Central Division title and the playoffs. It was an impressive […]

2 much 2 do

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Ah, the age-old conundrum when presented with a perfectly glorious Sunday. Fun or productive? So many things around here that would feel so good to have done. Two cars filled with a winter’s worth of accumulated crap. A rain garden choked with last fall’s gutter flotsam. The gasping remnants of a lawn clogged with thatch, […]

Overcoming self doubt

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2010 Earth Day 5K results:Corinne – 31:28Claudia – 37:53Molly – 33:15 Okay, I struggled with which direction to take with this post. (And I’m aware that it’s late. But there’s another one coming later today that will get me back on track.) There were so many great angles to yesterday’s Earth Day 5K. So let […]

40 days of blogging

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Okay, I strongly dislike this idea. And the fact that I strongly dislike it makes it great. Corinne’s challenged me to post for 40 straight days. And the fact that the very thought of it is making me fall asleep as a desperate means of avoidance, even as my pen stutters across the page,* means […]

The best things in life are free

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(But hopefully I can find some pretty good stuff for $24.50.) Historically speaking, I’ve never put a whole lot of value on Valentine’s Day. So I don’t think I’m going to shock anyone when I announce here, for all of cyberspace to see, that I’m only going to spend $0.50 on a Valentine’s gift for […]