Rising to the challenge

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDA1i7MdVFc?hl=en&fs=1] A man with no goal is a rudderless ship, subject to the whims of fickle Neptune's fathomless fancies… No, wait, that's not right. (Well, it is right, but it's not going to get me to the point I want to make. Lemme start over.) A man with no goal is a ship safe […]

I like it dirty

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Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease. I hate the fact that it cut my father’s career so short. I hate the fact that, every day, it causes my dad pain and suffering. And, selfishly, I hate the way that it robbed me of so many footraces and wrestling matches with my dad as a kid. […]

Click here. My kids’ happiness depends on it.

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When Aeschines spoke, they said, ‘How well he speaks.’ But when Demosthenes spoke, they said, ‘Let us march against Philip.’* So this is my channeling of Demosthenes. This is my call to action. This is my stirring, ‘Win one for the Gipper’ speech. Ready? Please invest three minutes of your life into watching the embedded […]

Mud Run

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I would say that my father suffers with multiple sclerosis, but that would be inaccurate. Anyone who’s had to spend any time with my Dad would point out that it’s more likely that MS suffers with my father. But, whichever one’s been suffering more, they’ve been suffering together for thirty-some years. So Corinne and I […]

My name is…

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I had a few beers Saturday night. Nothing excessive or dangerous. We just got together with some friends (thanks Naceys!) and I enjoyed a few bottles of Redhook ESB – a personal favorite. And, as sometimes happens on the day after consuming a few beers, my body chose to cleanse itself Sunday afternoon. Again, nothing […]

In defense of crabgrass

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Crabgrass is the Delmon Young of the horticultural world. Yes, yes, I get it. There are totally times and spots where crabgrass can only be described as a noxious weed. I cringe when I see it growing up between the cracks in the landscaping rocks (in much the same way that I cringe when I […]

My mom can beat up your mom

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My mom rocks. And Saturday she rocked her very first full triathlon. I’m just totally proud of her. Now, I’m not going to divulge her age here on my blog. But let’s put it this way: I’m just about 43. And I wasn’t any kind of teen pregnancy. She’s come to a few of my […]