Gina, stay home

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My good friend Gina is funny, charming, creative, and one of the most talented advertising professionals I've met in 20 years in the business. I don't give a shit. She needs to not travel with my wife. When the two of them leave town together, the moles of craziness start popping up all over my […]

Damn moral dilemmas

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  Nice-Guy-Neighbor Pete: Did you see what happened to your mailbox? Me: Um…You mean the fact that it was sitting on my front porch and a large percentage of the snow that should have been piled up in a nice little heap at the corner of my driveway was, instead, scattered haphazardly across the driveway? […]

Back to the suture

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Molly got her stitches out a few days ago. Her mom's friend Julie (who's a fully competent and qualified nurse) helped her cut them loose. Molly even got to pull one on her own. I don't have anything more of substance to say about that. I was just dying to find a way to use […]

I can see clearly now

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I’d like to begin by wishing a vigorous Happy Father’s Day to all dads, granddads, step-dads…even to the occasional well-meaning uncle, because Father’s Day is a day for sharing. So join me now as I share the answer to today’s $1 question. (What’s the $1 question? “Can I have a dollar?” Just kidding. That’s not […]

In search of…boredom

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I don't think boredom gets its proper respect these days. Seriously. Some days I'll find myself chuckling at boredom, giving it a condescending little pat on the head, sending it on its way and then laughing when its back is turned. Other days I might actually pine for a little visit from boredom; thinking an […]

Redemption comes in small doses

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My friend Leah's a Kubel hater. So for years, as the Minnesota Twins organization has continued to force feed us the hype about Jason Kubel's potential, Leah doubts. In 2004, Kubel was a September call-up as the Twins made their run to the American League's Central Division title and the playoffs. It was an impressive […]

Bear with me

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I know I just wrote about homosexuality and Christianity the other day, but I’ve got some more stuff to get off my chest, so bear with me. First up, I’d like to thank my readers (both of you) for being either a much more tolerant or a much more apathetic lot than some of those […]