I feel more Minnesotan

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photo[1]While channel surfing this morning, I stumbled across an episode of Man Vs. Food Nation set in St. Paul. The challenge, set at The Tin Cup, involved eating two huge Juicy Lucys and two pounds of fries.

And it occurred to me. Damn. I could go for a Juicy Lucy.

As a guy who’s spent most of his adult life in Minnesota, I’m really kind of ashamed to admit it but, I’ve only ever had one of these signature Minnesota burgers. If you’re not familiar, a Juicy Lucy involves taking two carefully seasoned burger patties, putting a small stack of cheese in between them, mushing them together into one amazing burger, and grilling.

The result is a hamburger with a pocket stuffed with molten cheese. And it’s amazing. This is my first attempt at making them at home. I think true Juicy Lucy aficionados would say I did something wrong because the cheese ended up with more the consistency of a fine nacho cheese dip. Most Juicy Lucys seem to be more runny and messy. This is an error I’m pretty happy with.

Beautiful Minnesota evening – a Grain Belt Nordeast in a Minnesota Wild glass, a true Minnesota burger and a hungry swarm of mosquitoes. Feels like home!

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