When it comes to projects, this one includes two of my favorite words

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Little-Free-LibraryAlthough I think I’ve been hoodwinked on this one and the “little” and “free” are both intended to describe the “library” rather than the “project.”

No matter, I’m still kind of excited about this one. The Little Free Library movement is a wonderful story and we’ve got a stack of books, for kids and adults, just sitting in the basement right now, so stocking it shouldn’t be a problem.

Stacks of books sitting on the floor in the basement. I blame Christine for stealing our 6-foot table to sell cheesecake on all summer. It’s a damned good thing that’s good cheesecake.
I am going to need your help holding me accountable on this one though. I told Corinne last night that I needed a topic for my series of low-impact ways to make the world better. This is what she sent me. (Thanks a lot, Gina.)

This project stretches the definition of our challenge here, because this one could almost be considered a lot of work. It will, however, become significantly less work if Corinne manages to talk her recently retired father into building the little library. THEN all I would have to do is be the steward and keep an eye on it. THAT sounds like “spreading literacy” without having to actually go teach anybody anything. And THEREIN lies the true objective of this challenge.

So wish me luck on the delegated labor thing. And if that falls through, hold Corinne and I to this – we’re locked in now cuz it’s on the blog!

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