Because you can’t spell prom without Mom

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Quinn and his lovely date Jenna, grand marching their way into their junior prom.

Wait. Well, yes you can. This headline would really only work if that big dance at the end of the school year was called “prmom.”

And that would be silly. Who wants to go to prmom? It sounds dumb. I can’t even imagine working up the nerve to ask a date to prmom. As if the asking itself wasn’t already enough to treat my digestive tract like a two-week forced confinement upside-down and blindfolded on a Tilt-a-Whirl, now I’d have to worry about how to pronounce the name of the dance.

So this headline is lame. You totally can spell prom without Mom. At least you probably can now. But there was a time when you couldn’t – when you were little and ignorant and couldn’t spell crap. Your mom helped you learn your ABCs though. And with her help you got smart and you learned to spell. And eventually you could spell “crap.” And “damn.” And all kinds of other four-letter words … like “prom.”

Yes. That’s totally what I meant by that headline.

In fact, you should pause right now for a moment of silent, reverent respect for moms everywhere. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Anyway, I had a point when I started writing this and here it is: “Prom” can be awesome. (So I’m told, though all personal experience points to the contrary.) But “prom on Mother’s Day Eve” comes with its own set of challenges.

Quinn learned that hard lesson the hard way.

“Prom on Mother’s Day Eve” starts out looking like this:

standing thereThen, when you get swept up in the good times and camaraderie, “Prom on Mother’s Day Eve” can lead to things like this:

textBut the problem is, the sun always eventually rises on “Prom on Mother’s Day Eve”. And when your mom expects you back at her house to help host Mother’s Day brunch by 10 a.m., “Prom on Mother’s Day Eve” ends up looking something like this:

wreckedHappy day-after-prom to Quinn. He looked sharp as hell last night and Corinne and I were super proud of him. And happy Mother’s Day to my mom and your mom and my kids’ mom and especially my step-kids’ mom!

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