What would you trade for a Trader Joe’s?

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photo 1What do we have to do to get one of these stores in the Greater St. Cloud Metro area? Seriously. They’re just packed full of awesomeness and I would do things that might cross a few ethical lines in order to get one up here.

My favorite result of Corinne’s Lasik surgery last fall has been, of course, the miraculous change in my wife’s vision and how wonderful it’s been for her to be liberated from her near-sightedness and astigmatism and how fantastic it is that she can now see clearly and blah, blah, blah…

But my SECOND-favorite result has been the fact that she had it done in Maple Grove, and that’s given us an excuse to make at least five or six Trader Joe’s stops.

Take tonight for example. It’s a no-kid weekend. And tonight, 15-minutes after Josh and Claudia walked out the door, Corinne and I were able to sit down to a fantastically simple dinner of curried chicken tenderloins and biryani, along with a bottle of Three-Buck Chuck and a big ol’ Boatswain American IPA. Total cost of dinner? $14. With leftovers. (Well, by the end of the evening, the beer and wine were no longer left over.)

Make it happen, Trader Joe’s. We’re waiting.

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