Photo busted

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So, happy hour tonight after work. (During work / after work … semantics.)

And as we’re sitting there, this adorable little old couple comes in. And the old guy’s using a walker. You know, the kind with cut-up tennis balls on the legs? (Which would be totally the way to go, because that would be like hobbling very slowly on a cloud, I think.) And he’s got the glasses with the tinted covers, and he’s got them flipped up for indoor use… At any rate, all the women at our table were cooing about how cute this old couple was and how the old guy was puttin’ out the vibe and how I should go over and chat with him and get his tips and advice for scoring with babes and then I should blog about it, blah, blah, blah…

Clearly, I was having none of it. (Honestly, if you’ve ever met me before, can you even conceive of me walking up to a strange old guy and asking him for his romantic advice? Me neither.) Still, the girls kept going about it – how cute and how sweet this old couple was and how I needed to go interrupt their dinner and ask about their love life. Eventually, they decided they needed a photo to go along with this mythical blog post I was going to write. Corinne and Jenny both whipped out the phones, both oh-so-subtly angled them … and both got totally photo busted.

Check it out, here’s Corinne’s photo:

Corinne’s photo of a man blowing his nose and the woman who loves him.

And here’s Jenny’s:

Jenny’s photo of the sweetest chunk o’ beefcake in the nursing home, and the woman who’d kick your dentures out to keep him.

That woman is most certainly aware of these crazy bitches sniping pictures of her and her man, and she is CLEARLY having none of it. Look at those eyes. She’s just about daring Corinne and Jenny to step outside, because somebody’s about to get their asses kicked old-school style.

One thought on “Photo busted

  1. You missed an important character in Jenny’s photo who did not show in Corinne’s. The lady in mint green saw their antics and is saying, “Al, I bet you $5 the old lady can take those two young gals over there. She’s in my Silver Sneakers karate class. No one messes with her, when she is out with her man.”

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