Calling it coprophagia makes it sound so much classier

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IMG_1556Seriously. It sounds like my dog’s taking grad-level courses in Latin.

But she’s not. No, she’s sniffing around the yard, digging down through the snow, and finding once-digested dog treats. And it’s absolutely gross.

I looked it up here on the interwebs and, from what I can tell, the most likely reason for her doing this (I’ve never seen her doing this before.) is that she’s missing something in her diet.

Great. Well that kind of leaves me in a completely disgusting downward dogshit spiral. She’s not getting the nutrients she needs, so she instinctively seeks to fill the void with The Snack Which Should Never Be Tasted – the forbidden Poop-Peroni. (Does that count as a play on words when the original product name is a play on words?) But when I try to increase her nutrient intake by giving her MORE food, aren’t I just unintentionally increasing her future unfortunate snacking options? Yuck.

Fortunately, I know just the man to help. The one-man-coprophagia-death-squad. Mr. Dick Van Patten. I’ll be stopping at the pet store tomorrow.

(Editor’s note: It’s not like I’m consistently feeding my dogs crappy food. I spend decent money on them. I buy them Iams. It’s good stuff. But Shouko is getting a little older. So I guess let’s try the super-spendy dog food option and see if that helps to refine her palate.)

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