Things to write about when you’re just a little too buzzed to formulate a coherent blog post

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Had a couple of beers tonight. So here are a few thoughts for the evening:

• When given the choice between “high school job” and “potentially life-defining moment”, always choose the life-defining moment. (Rush rules.)

• How much is too much ZZ Top?

• Kindergarten is overrated. (Although I DO think they’ve got that nap-time thing nailed.)

• The Yum Yum Shoppe in Haverhill, Mass., lost big time when they gambled on me with their “eat what you want” policy.

• I hear Puerto Rico is lovely in the springtime.

• Wedding planning is probably more about your families than it is about you.

Special bonus thought:

• There is NO WAY I would go back to 8th grade. And, if I did, I CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to do it as a girl.


• It is totally awesome that the first guy to ever offer me a joint was named Steve Dube. (Shout out to all New Hampshire friends – that’s not an indictment of Steve – he was a great guy and I really liked him!)

• “Zook” is not a name that should be hyphenated. It should be taken and taken proudly – mostly because it’s structurally cool like “Skoog”.

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