There is no mercy in this dojo

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WARNING: This one includes graphic portrayals of merciless violence. So. Yeah. You’re gonna like this one.

I’m tragically late getting around to posting this, but it’s totally worth the wait. Last fall, when Quinn went to Diamond Nationals – his biggest karate tournament of the year – he was awesome. And I was guilty of some serious transference.

Quinn finished second in his group of eight. That means he won two fights before losing the final. I about lost my mind. I was totally shocked and excited and impressed… And then I stopped and thought for a minute.

When I stopped and thought, I was kind of confused about why this performance astounded me so. It felt really disrespectful to Quinn for me to be this shocked by his success. Know what I mean?

As a parent, you should be impressed by your kids’ achievements. But not THIS impressed.

Finally it dawned on me why I was so surprised by this. He’s my son. So, naturally, when I watch him enter a fight, I mentally place myself in that same fight. And I know, without a doubt, that I would absolutely get my ass handed to me every time. Not figuratively. Literally. It would be just like this…
Except instead of pulling some crazy engine part out of my chest, the guy would spin me around, tear off my ass and hand it to me.

Quinn’s not me though. He’s pretty good at this stuff. And he loves it and has a good time with it. So please enjoy the following video tribute celebrating Quinn’s rise to the (almost) top last fall. And before you comment or email or just yell at your screen, yes, I realize I’m an idiot and shot this video vertically instead of horizontally. I’ve been made aware. Point taken. Thank you. Move on.

Match 1
This first one was super close. In fact, at the time, I missed who was awarded that last point and thought that he’d lost. (It helps to know while watching this that Quinn is the one in blue and he’s the white score.)

Match 2
This second-round match went much smoother. At his height, with those legs, he really does have an advantage in reach.

Match 3
Quinn kinda gets schooled in this final-round match. The best things I’ll say about this one are that Garth (party on), the kid who beats him, seemed like a pretty nice kid and at least Garth had beaten the HUGE kid in his second-round match so Quinn didn’t have to face that kid. Serious risk of injury there. Anyway, great job, Quinn!

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