Scenes from another ADDY night

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The 2013 AAFCM ADDY Awards Crew. Each one worth every penny they’re paid!

The American Advertising Federation – Central Minnesota held their annual ADDY Awards show last night. Always a good time. This year, however, I got completely skunked. I didn’t win anything at all. (I chair the Judging Committee, so I knew this in advance and was emotionally prepared for it.) Creative Memories overall had another great year though. And so, what 15 years ago would have sent me spiraling downward into a murky pit of crumpled narcissism, this year didn’t even phase me.

(I must be all growed up now!)

These are some talented Creative Memories coworkers. (Not pictured: Some other talented Creative Memories coworkers…and a slacker or two.)

Anyway, what I discovered is that when I’m completely freed of vain self-interest – when I truly concede and accept the fact that I don’t have a hand in this annual creative circle jerk – I’m open to absorbing the environment around me and appreciating the evening and all it has to offer.

And so, gentle reader, I present to you this collection of observations and conversation fragments culled from over the course of the evening. I hope you enjoy them.

[My personal apologies to St. Cloud State University student Qiuwen Li. During the show, Corinne developed a whiplash-inducing case of the hiccups.]
Corinne: [between hiccups] “Aren’t you going to DO something?”
Me: “Do something?! You have the hiccups. I can’t hold your breath for you!”
Corinne: “But people are going to think I’m drunk!”
[pregnant pause]
Corinne: “Fine. Jerk.”
[And so I waited for the next round of applause, which happened to be during the introduction of Qiuwan Li’s Student Silver ADDY Award-winning poster for T-Swift Typeface Design, and I turned and shrieked piercingly, directly into my wife’s face – in an effort to “scare” her.]
Corinne: “Are you mad at me?”
Greg: “What? No. Why?”
Corinne: “You keep yelling at me.” [hic]

[Graphic Designer introducing her boyfriend to her Creative Director]
GD: “And this is my boss…”
CD: “Oh God, PLEASE don’t call me your boss.”
GD: “Okay… Um… My inspiration?”
CD: [discreetly dissolves into a puddle of hormone-fueled tears]

Coworker to Corinne: “You better drink up, cuz you’re not going anywhere until we drink you under the table. Woo hoo!”
[awkward pause]
[Greg tactfully reaches for phone…]textconvo

[One slightly inebriated small-town girl to one hopefully-inebriated-enough-to-not-remember-this-conversation small-town girl]
– “So do you even remember me from high school?”
– “You’re from SmallTown?!”
– “Uh, yeah. But I’m not surprised you don’t remember me. You’re A LOT older than me.”

[Copywriter to agency principle]
CW: “Hey, I totally understand that we weren’t able to make anything work out awhile back there, but I just want to tell you that I was honored to have even been considered.”
AP: [stunned look] “We were considering you?”

Becky and Tara were great ADDY volunteers this year. Sshhhh. Don’t tell them, but they’re probably going to end up chairing it next year.

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