My pianist has a mind of its own

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I like to think of my pianist as a strong, intelligent, competent woman. So sing us a song, Corinne, you’re the piano woman. (Although I AM prepared for it to be sung fairly quietly.)

Yep. Bought a piano tonight. Well, technically, half a piano. It’s currently safely tucked away in the walkout basement of a fantastically friendly (read: talkative) woman from rural St. Joe. So we’ll pay for the other half when the snow melts and we (and some as-yet-unnamed friends) haul it around back, load it up onto a truck/trailer, and transport it home.

It’s important to note that this is not an impulse purchase. Far from it. She’s been going off on this idea for years. And so, last year around this time I got my road bike. This year, it’s Corinne’s turn.

And so (happy ending in sight), instead of listening to persistent pestering about “when are we going to get a piano”, I’ll get to listen to the electrifying strains of the theme from Remington Steele.

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