My colon is a wonderland, Part II

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Okay, as it turns out, “prepping” for a colonoscopy is a thousand times worse than the actual procedure. Wait. Let me rephrase that. Thanks to my close, personal friend propofol, “prepping” for a colonoscopy is a thousand times worse than anything I can remember about the actual procedure.

I was completely out, as this charming little video montage will attest. (Want definitive confirmation of how stoned I was? The video was my idea. ‘Nuff said.)

So I’m home and healthy and it’s all good and I get to eat again. (My sister even brought me a cupcake because she’s cool like that.) Super-special shout out to Corinne for driving me and for sitting around waiting for me and for keeping an eye on me while I came down. Because, left unattended, I could have ended up like this…

4 thoughts on “My colon is a wonderland, Part II

  1. I actually thought you were pretty chatty here. More so than I’d imagined. I like how Corinne was leading you in the conversation too. To the loopy(you), I’m sure she seemed loving and thoughtful. 🙂

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