Can she try one of these in a 7 1/2?

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This just in from extensive focus group research: Women like shoes. So check out the sexy little high-calf flat number that my lovely bride will be stepping out in for the next few weeks.

She was doing sprints at boot camp on Monday and heard “an audible pop,” as the injured athletes like to say when interviewed. Now, hearing “an audible pop” in and of itself isn’t so bad. A comfy chair, a sheet of bubble wrap and a chorus of audible pops is actually one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. But an audible pop accompanied by intense, stabbing pain in your left calf is usually an indication that something’s gone terribly wrong.

In Corinne’s case, that something is called “tennis leg.” And, as I understand it, it’s a little bit of a muscle tear that’s going to keep her in this boot for at least two weeks, at which point it will be re-evaluated.

It’s not keeping her down though. She was back in the gym this morning, sweating the thing up. Which brings me to one of the top copy points if I were writing an ad for this thing: Just look how it takes you from a morning at the gym to a night on the town, just by switching up the way you accessorize it with a right shoe. (The ad pretty much writes itself.)

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