A gentle nudge…

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Corinne saw this clip this morning on Today and had to show it to me. (The relevant part starts at right about 11:20.)

And I thought it was interesting that my first reaction was, “Yeah, but deep down, she really wanted to jump.” Did she? How the hell would I know? But the thing is, her (ex?)boyfriend seemed pretty sure that he knew.

Kind of an interesting relationship communication quiz, isn’t it? Would you push? And if you say you would (or wouldn’t), is that because you know yourself that well or because you know your partner that well?

Let’s play along, shall we? If Corinne and I were on that canyon rim…

I would definitely not push. That’s me knowing myself, because I know I’m timid and sensitive that way. If my partner says something like, “Don’t push me off this cliff” (literally or metaphorically), I’m pretty likely to take her at her word. And it’s me knowing Corinne because, if she’s thought enough about a thing to clearly define a position, then running directly counter to that position would make her feel ignored and disrespected. Also, I would not push because I’m pretty sure Corinne would climb back up that rope and kick the shit out of me.

I think Corinne would push. That’s partly her knowing herself. She is, without question, a boundary pusher. It’s who she is and, as a creative director, it’s her job. I get that. This is also Corinne knowing me. She knows me well enough to know that sometimes I need to be challenged (witness this interminable 40-day blogging challenge) or I’ll wallow in my comfortable little ruts. (This is a bad example – because I don’t think I would have much problem jumping there, once I trusted the equipment.)

So what do you think about yourself and your partner? Push or no push? And, more importantly, do you match up?

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