I’m not buying it yet

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Twins beer
Okay bandwagon jumpers, I'm not buying it yet. Liriano's no-hitter could be the spark that ignites this team. And then they follow it up with another win this afternoon? Still, I'm not buying it yet.

In fact, I'm going to have a beer tonight. (No special occasion. I just happen to like beer.) But I won't be drinking it out of a Twins pint glass.

That's right. I'm announcing right here – for all the interweb to see – that I am hereby taking my Twins pint glasses out of the freezer and putting them up on the highest shelf. I'm removing them from the starting rotation.

They shall not touch another hoppy drop until the Twins go on a winning streak. I'm not asking for much here. I'm realistic about this team's short-term prospects even if I can't get excited about two games. (Two games does NOT count as a "win streak".) Just give me a three-game win streak. One little win on Thursday at Fenway and I'll fill you back full of foamy happiness, Twins glasses.

See what kind of influence you have with the boys. Rally cap and I are about shot.

2 thoughts on “I’m not buying it yet

  1. I won’t drink out of the Twins glasses until you win! Oh, they’re soooo scared…. They’re so scared that you’ll put them up on the high shelf while they suck all season, that you forget they exist and go a buy yourself more. Dude, really?

  2. (sigh) Oh Me, While you are undoubtedly learned in Catholic dogma, your baseball catechism is clearly lacking. Must I remind you that the baseball gods are a vengeful lot – perched there on their regal thrones atop Mt. Cooperstown? So, while a gentle, caring person such as yourself might see no threat in the withholding of beer from (allegedly) lucky logo glassware, make no mistake – the baseball gods do. And if my team responds to my challenge with due moxie, then said moxie shall be rewarded tenfold. For so sayeth the unwritten rules. (Your sports-fan perspective is clearly still blurred by a film of stale champagne. I imagine it’s easy to be smug when your team’s got the Lombardi trophy sitting on their collective coffee table. Obviously I’ll never know for sure!)

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