Shameless bragging

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Warning: Seriously, there is nothing in this post BUT shameless bragging. It's not even funny or anything. Everybody should probably just go ahead and skip this one. Except you, Mom. You'll like this!

The American Advertising Federation – Central Minnesota held their annual ADDY Awards show the other night. (Insert your own small-market, provincial punchline here you metropolitan snob. I'm certainly not going to enable your tasteless disrespect by writing the insults for you.)

As usual, it was a great chance to get dressed up, get together with friends, and hope that some disinterested third party has decided you're better than them.

Creative Memories really did pretty well. We won a Gold ADDY for some incentive trip promotion pieces. We won a Silver ADDY for some of our illustrated products. And we won Silver ADDYs for three of our catalogs (one through Adventure). I'd have been happy at just that. (Since my name was listed as copywriter and Corinne was listed as art director on those three catalogs.)

But I was also listed as the copywriter for the Gold ADDY-winning promotional pieces Adventure did for last year's ADDY show. That was cool.

And, even better than that, this year's judges chose to give out a Best of Copywriting award. And it went to one of those catalogs.

The club just started giving out Best of Copywriting and Best of Art Direction a few years ago – with the understanding that the judges don't have to give those out if nothing rises to that level. So… It's kind of a big deal.

I won one a few years ago – but that was for our Christmas card. Which I loved. But it feels kind of like cherrypicking to win with a piece where you didn't have a client arguing with you. So I think I'm actually more proud of this one – cuz it's a bit surprising to win for a scrapbooking catalog.

(This is Corinne, I'm editing for Greg – he totally had clients arguing with him on the Christmas card. He had 1 wife and 6 kids critiquing every word he chose. Pretty certain 'puking pussies' was a point of contention for day or two. For fun, you can revisit Christmas 2006 below)



Next year? Best of Show. Who knows? Maybe it'll be for our Spring/Summer catalog that comes out next month. When I enter it in next year's show, I'm going to conveniently crease it so the judges' copy flips open to this page:

Click on image to enlarge for easy reading.



P.S. We can't forget Josie. She totally rocked the Student ADDYs with her Silver ADDY in Photography!

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