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Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease. I hate the fact that it cut my father’s career so short. I hate the fact that, every day, it causes my dad pain and suffering. And, selfishly, I hate the way that it robbed me of so many footraces and wrestling matches with my dad as a kid.

So that’s one reason why today’s 10K Mud Run benefit for the MS Society was so cool. In his pre-race briefing, the race director made kind of an interesting analogy. He said that, today, we were going to walk a mile (or 6.2) in their shoes. What he meant was that MS sufferers never know what’s around the next corner and we were going to face a lot of surprises. What I inferred was that we were going to get to spend a couple of hours stumbling around and falling flat on our faces. Gotta tell ya – it made me feel very close to my dad.

Okay, enough MS BS. Let’s talk about getting muddy. This event kicked ass. Seriously. It totally lived up to its billing. This was not some little candyass trailwalk with a couple of mudpuddles thrown in. This was a full-on, bog sloggin’ mudfest. There were 79 obstacles in those 6.2 miles.

Corinne and I didn’t rush through it at all. In fact, we pretty much walked the whole thing. But we did it all (including jumping over the flaming trench of fire). Well, Corinne opted out of two obstacles. But those were both tall, climby things and her knee’s been goofed up for the last couple of weeks. So she absolutely gets a pass on those.

We didn’t bring a camera to the race site because…well, because we were going to be getting wet and muddy. So we took some before pictures and some after pictures.

My favorite after picture? The pile of muddy clothes in the parking lot. (Yep, it’s all there. For awhile there, that was one interesting parking lot.)

UPDATE: Here’s some unedited video from the Mud Run (it’s long, you might want to skip some of the first parts and get to the muddy stuff). When he gets the edited version up, I’ll replace. It’s a bit long, but you can get a great feel for Mud Run.

2010 Twin Cities Mud Run from Michael Kraabel on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “I like it dirty

  1. Wish you guys could have stayed the night before… looks like a lot of fun. If it’s there next year I’ll do it, too? Looks like fun! 🙂

  2. Oh Zeto, it was a blast! But not nearly as much of a blast as if we’d gotten to hang with you guys the night before. Assuming they do this again next year, I could totally see us doing it again. I could even see us putting together two teams – one in the recreational division (like we did this year) and one in the competitive division (cuz it’d be interesting to see how fast we can do this thing). And we’ll stage everybody at your house the night before. Big party at Zetos’!

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