Happy anniversary!

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So three years ago today, on a beautiful Saturday in Alexandria, Corinne and I let all six kids (and an assortment of cousins) run rampant throughout the waterpark to celebrate the onset of our wedded bliss.

Today we allotted ourselves $8 each to symbolically recognize the occasion.

Corinne scored big with a little side stop she made at Trader Joe's on Saturday (on our way back from the Renaissance Festival). Two varieties of hot sauce and two varieties of roasted peppers? Yeah, she knows me so well. Love it! Looking forward to trying them all.


What's that? What did I spend my $8 on? Well, lemmetellya.

I had the idea. And it was a great idea. It was totally thoughtful and attentive. I mean, it was so thoughtful and attentive it'd make you crap.

Corinne's favorite guilty pleasure right now is any variety of curry from Asian House. And I thought, "Hey, what if I could talk the folks at Asian House into selling me the recipe for one of their curries…for $8? Then I could spring that on Corinne and she'll be all excited and grateful. Maybe I'll even follow the recipe and make a batch to give to her on our anniversary? How friggin' romantic would that be?

Last night Molly and I went about putting the plan into action. And my head about exploded when I talked to the woman at Asian House and she agreed to give me their green curry recipe – FREE. (Oh man, it just keeps getting better and better!)

Fantastic. Only look what constitutes "the recipe."


Now, I definitely don't want to appear ungrateful. But, honestly, look at this recipe. This is the culinary equivalent of tracking down Howard Johnson, talking him into sharing his macaroni & cheese recipe, and being handed a post-it note reading:
    "• macaroni
    • cheese"

It's so vaguely vague, it's comical. But it's so comical I kind of liked it. So I mounted my "recipe" on some quality Creative Memories paper, picked up $8 worth of flowers, and wished her a happy anniversary.

I still think I did pretty well. Because, as they always say, it's the thought that counts. Right?


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  1. What’s so funny about that is any time I ask for a recipe from our friends from Nepal or someone from India… I get the same type of recipe. They simply don’t do measurements. They just eyeball everything – with like a sixth sense for cooking. I’m always asking — “so like a tablespoon” and the answer is – well, like a small palmful. Happy Anniversary guys!

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