Salad days

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I've decided to eat a salad for one meal every day for the next 30.

I'll give you a moment to digest that.

For anyone who knows me well, that line hit with about the same impact as Andy Rooney gushing, "You know, I'm totally stoked about these kick-ass seats for the Phish concert." Or Adolf Hitler casually dropping, "Eva, I think I'm going to have a Bat Mitzvah for Blondi – just to cover my bases."

This is Corinne and I on another one of our quirky challenges. (Actually, not much of a challenge at all for her. More of a me thing.)

I'm maintaining full veto power over which salads I will and won't include in this challenge. And I'm aware that some of the choices I'm going to be making here would get the official tsk, tsk from Bob and Jillian. (For example, most of the salads I've eaten since we started this on Friday have included Buffalo chicken. And I washed down my salad last night with a turtle brownie and ice cream.) But screw them. Baby steps. Right?

2 thoughts on “Salad days

  1. Oh, Molly, calling fishing trip a “break” from this challenge would be deceitfully dishonest. Fishing trip was a FAIL for this challenge. I skipped Saturday altogether. On Sunday I told myself I’d have a light late-night salad…but I couldn’t eat any more. Two days of utter salad failure. BUT, I’m mitigating some of that failure with the fact that on Friday night I ate potato salad! And I ate a whole (small) serving – not just a pathetic bite. I hated it…but I ate it. (No offense, Phyl. I’m sure that, as potato salads go, that one was spectacular. Just not my thing.)

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